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Corporates like Facebook and Google are hiring massively in the AI field. While traditional consultancy firms such as McKinsey and Accenture are taking the onus for consultancy in AI for market leaders. AI seems more and more like a revolution for the rich, staring down the barrel of an inevitable monopoly.

We solve this inequality in AI by providing services and products to businesses at lower costs, so that AI can benefit everyone, not just those willing to shell out millions. And we do all this in a week by providing a fast iterative approach to development.

We see a chasm in the distribution of AI talent

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Through our partnerships with the best researchers and developers around the world, we are able to provide AI services and products that leverage the latest technological advancements in cutting edge research at unheard-of rates.

Our turnaround rate is faster than you would believe -- we guarantee the first proof of concept in one week after we meet, allowing you to leverage advances in AI more quickly than ever before.