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The Only Payment Integration Your Business Will Ever Need

Set up your payment stack without spending months of developer time.

inai connects with multiple payment gateways and methods
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inai connects with multiple payment gateways and methods

Improve Conversion at Checkout

Improve conversion at checkout by up to 10% and enhance your customer experience through quick and easy integrations.

Payment Methods mobile
  • All payment methods
  • PCI Compliant checkout
  • 3D Secure
  • Fast checkout
Connect to all payment methods
Your company integrates with multiple gateways

Save Months of Developer Time

inai's user-friendly platform allows anyone in your business to be able to optimize your payment strategy, without writing any code.

Checkout channeling into inai with the outcome of payment methods, fraud providers and other connects
  • Run A/B tests
  • Expand to new markets
  • Connect to fraud providers
  • Connect to BI tools

Own Your Data

Your data stays with you and not with your providers. Manage one-time payments, subscriptions, refunds and chargebacks from a single dashboard.

Transactions inai dashboard
  • 360-degree view of your business
  • Manage refunds and chargebacks from a single dashboard
  • Aggregated reporting across providers
  • Insights on success and failure rates by region or provider
inai's user-friendly dashboard
Custom flow to optimize payment stack

Optimize Your Payment Strategy Without Code

Create your optimal checkout experience with no hassle, and no code required.

inai's intelligent workflows
  • Set up failover gateways
  • Connect to fraud providers
  • Choose which transactions to route
  • Custom workflows

Your Business Needs

Find out how inai can help to optimize your payment strategy and enhance the success of your business.

Brand partners include Stripe, Adyen, Braintree, Razorpay, Mollie, and DLocal

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