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inai (pronounced 'in-eye' and means 'connect' in Tamil) was set up by serial entrepreneurs Anta Pattabiraman and Karthik Narayanan. In their previous venture, they constantly faced issues with adding newer payment methods as they expanded to newer markets and were constantly plagued by both a lack of developer resources and payment skills in their team.

They then decided to solve this problem for themselves and other merchants and inai was born. inai enables merchants to set up their payment stack with a single integration. Merchants can add newer methods, optimize payments, and future-proof their stack without writing any code.

inai is part of the Summer YC 21 cohort and backed by great investors including YC, Launchpad Capital, Greg Kidd (first investor in Square & Twitter), Kunal Shah (CEO of Cred), and other fintech folks.

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