Improve conversion rate by 60% through our Universal Checkout experience

Increase conversion and automate all payment methods with inai’s developer-friendly integration

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Improve conversions

Choose from 300+ payment methods, wallets and local payment rails including bank transfers giving your users flexibility to pay with multiple payments

Time to market

Go live with multiple payment gateways and local payment methods across markets within 60 mins

End-to-end payment flows

Fully dynamic checkout driven by Workflows that let you automate end-to-end payment flows without waiting for your developers

Best in class CXO dashboard

Manage refunds, failed transactions, optimize routing and get a single source of truth for your business

Enterprise-grade security

Our solution upholds the highest security certification standards, reducing compliance burdens for your business.

Collect payments the way you want

Inai offers you multiple front-end checkouts that work best for you and your customers

One-click instant payment links

It’s that easy. Empower your sales team to collect payments with one click via payment links all without writing a single line of code.

Choose from a variety of SDKs

Power your conversions without rewiring/redirecting or redesigning your checkouts with fully customizable, tailored payment widgets

Support for multiple platforms

API based integration got you covered

Inai is the world’s first headless checkout solution provider that handles your complete end-to-end backend transactions without changing your front-end modular UI

Inai helps your business

Reduction in cross border payment fees
Faster KYC/KYB process for International payments through inai connect
Increase checkout conversions
Reduction in transaction costs

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