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De-Risk Your Business With Multiple Payment Gateways

When a business falls under the high-risk business category, finding reliable credit card processors can be a difficult task, that's why inai provides a single integration to multiple payment gateways to support your high-risk business.

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Custom workflow showing failover logic

Recover Revenue With Failover Logic

Payment failure is a common issue with high-risk businesses. With automatic failover logic, inai will help you recover failed transactions by automatically retrying on another rail.

Re-route transactions to optimize payment stack

Offer All Payment Methods

Easily provide your customers with all the payment methods they want, including Cards, Wallets, BNPLs, Open Banking, ACH and more.

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Your company and your own payment methods

Accept One-Time or Subscription Payments

Offer multiple payment options for your customers to improve conversion.

One-time payments or recurring subscriptions for your checkout
Failover logic applied to your checkout

Single Dashboard for Your Business

Get a 360-degree view of your business, with detailed reporting and metrics. Manage all your transactions, including chargebacks and refunds from a single dashboard.

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